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A computer network is a system of autonomously connected computers. Computers are considered to be connected when they are able to exchange information in the form of text or audio and video with each other. The scientific study of computer networks is done by computer systems, a key branch of information technology. The fundamental electronic material of telecommunication devices is also studied by electronic engineering.

In addition to traditional desktop PCs, other types of devices such as PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), mobile phones, televisions, printers, scanners can be interconnected in a network of computers.

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What are Local Area Networks?

"Local area networks" or "LAN" (local area networks) are networks that connect computers at close distances, e.g. from computers in a room to computers a few miles apart. They are commonly used to connect personal computers and workstations to corporate offices, factories, universities, etc.

Every business needs a LAN to share files from computer to computer, as well as to print to printers installed on the network.