GEMBIRD NCA-SP02 LAN port combiner/splitter, FTP

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Save money, time and space by using two lines on a single ethernet cable.This splitter enables you to double a fixed network connection, without the need to draw an extra cable.Typical installation requires two pieces of NCA-SP-02 (1 to combine signal and 1 to split signal again) 8P8C LAN FTP port combiner/splitter adapter: RJ-45M to double RJ-45F connectorsAllows to split 8-wire LAN port into two 4-wire ports and/or vice versaTypical  installation requires two adapters. One to combine a double signal from  your router onto a single ethernet cable, and another one the split the  signal again to two separate sockets

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GEMBIRD NCA-SP02 LAN port combiner/splitter, FTP

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